Types of paint for Condo

Types of paint for Condo

Paint and enamel is a huge industry with diverse complexities of quality and property. Very few of us well know of all these products available in the market. Here is a short description of them.Type of paint

The first and most important part of a painting session is the application of primer. It prepares the surface ready to adhere the finishing coat and make it gloss as well. It is sold at all hardware stores in two varieties: oil based and water based. However, your primer should belong to the same category as the finishing paint.

Most of the new condo in Toronto, Mississauga use mat finish, help to reduce wall infection which has painted by the builder.

All types of paints are divided into two categories in terms of base:

water and oil.

As the names suggest, the former is diluted by plain water, whereas the later with turpentine oil, thinner etc. Water based paints are used in home interiors as their outcome is a matte finish. These paints dry quick, do not contain harsh and toxic chemicals. Application of wall putty, plaster of Paris before painting increases the shine and gloss of the surface considerably. For cheaper budgets, you can prepare the wall with two coats of an aqueous solution of white cement.

All house painting company or condo painting contractor are using Water-based paints to paint walls, doors, trims, windows, baseboards, and paint all wall in offices

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On the contrary, oil-based paints are a bit toxic containing harsh chemicals like lead. They take more time to dry than the water-based ones. Sometimes these paints are called ‘enamel’ because of their long durability. These type of paints perform best with metallic and wooden surfaces. Metal oxide primers are most suitable for attainment of right gloss and texture. To get the best results, you can apply thick layers of primer and scrub it gently with a thin and wet sandpaper.

Oil paint  use in kitchen and bathroom

When buying paints you may hear the term “acrylic paints”. This is actually a general water or oil-based paint. The only difference is that there is a special binding material present for strong adhesion. Except these, paints are also available blended with fire retardant and dust resistant chemicals. The mains criteria for the selection of them are properties of the surface, Individual taste and obviously the budget.

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